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Original Signed Declaration of Independence

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The mission of NAVA is to enhance the richness of the National Archives experience for volunteers at the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, DC and in College Park, MD in a manner that supports the mission of NARA.

NAVA is an independent organization that sponsors activities, social events, docent led trips to interesting and historical places in the metropolitan area, brown-bag and potluck gatherings. It also sponsors presentations that are relevant to volunteer activities, US history, civics and the mission of the Archives.

If you are a volunteer at A1 or A2 and not already a NAVA member, we invite you to JOIN.

Volunteering at NARA


Volunteering is a way for people in the Washington DC Metropolitan area to contribute to the DC and College park facilities. Outside of Washington opportunities exist at many of the 28 other facilities and presidential libraries. Volunteers can also contribute online by transcribing and editing. Learn more about the opportunities and how to become involved here: Volunteering at the Archives.

For more information about the Archives and to learn about the museum, research facilities,the many public programs visit its web site NARA

Volunteers at the Archives Museum on July 4th - the busiest day of the year

Public watching the parade from the Archives Steps

This forum is owned by the National Archives Volunteer Association (NAVA) and is not a project of the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).